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Frequently Asked Questions

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More promotional than support. i.e what devices we support, coverage area, battery life, etc. 

Is my data secure?

Everything for Cirro is sent within the Azure cloud environment, which is automatically encrypted. The Azure network has automatic detection to prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Google and Microsoft authentication services are used for security.

How do I manage multiple projects in Cirro?

Multiple projects are easily and conveniently managed within your Cirro client space. Each project has its own dedicated area to manage data, users and content. You will have granular control over what individual users can access, which is great for managing access for stakeholders, and collaborating on large projects.

How do alert/alarm notifications work?

Alerts and alarms can be used to notify of any data exceedances, or missing data. Automated notifications and alarms based on data obtained from the instruments can be set up to assist site risk management for consent purposes, health and safety, and to know when conditions are met that require additional site inspections. Formulae can be applied to these notifications so they will only trigger when certain conditions are met, such as total rainfall in a 24 hour period as captured by the instruments, or multiple consecutive readings from instruments that are above your set threshold.

Can I export my data out of Cirro?

Yes, data can be exported in tabular form as a .csv file. Or .pdf reports can be customised by users and then set to be generated and scheduled for automatic email delivery on a regular basis.

How do I get my device data in to Cirro?

Our Cirro service staff will get all of your devices set up on the Cirro server to receive automated data from your devices.

What communications devices / networks do you support?

We support the majority of common and popular communications devices such as Campbell Scientific, Outpost Central, Loadsensing, Ackcio – and we are always updating

What instruments / sensors do you support?

Cirro supports the majority of popular instruments used for Geotechnical and Environmental monitoring, as well as many other applications. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility to work with clients to integrate new devices and instruments to work with their projects.

Can I share my project data with clients and stakeholders?

Cirro provides transparency for stakeholders and collaboration with other engineers, allowing you to work together and collaborate. Anyone on your project can be given access to site data through Cirro, with granular control over who has access to specific data.

What areas of NZ do our Technicians service?

We can service all of New Zealand with technicians based in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. We can also service the Pacific Islands in some cases.

Does Cirro perform compensation / correction of raw data?

Cirro uses formulas to convert your raw data into useful units of measurement. Cirro can also perform more complex functions such as automated compensation of barometric pressure for water level readings. Cirro can also allow for calibration information of instruments.

What network coverage do you support?

Cirro supports a variety of networks: Satellite, 4G cellular networks, and IoT networks such as NB-IoT and CAT-M1. We will work with you to identify available signal coverage for your site and what hardware will be best suited to your project specific needs.